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Established in the year 1983,JAGRUTI RUBBER ENTERPRISE PVT. LTD., one of the leading Company in Manufacturing &  exporting of all-purpose Rubber Conveyor Belts, PVC Conveyor Belts, Power Transmission Belts, Cable/Haul off belts, Rubber Sheets, Rubber Profiles, Coated Fabrics, Conveyor Systems and Accessories Like Idler Roller Pulley Fasteners Vulcanizing Solutions etc., was started by young and Dynamic technical team having more than a decades experience.

THE OBJECTIVE of the company was to manufacture, market and develop Conveyor Belting according to the specific requirements of particular industries, bringing in both quality and reliability built into them backed by unmatched service support, Respecting the demand & understanding the difficulties of importing special conveyor belts for replacement purpose, the company also took up the activity of Manufacturing and established a compact & modernized plant at Ahmedabad (Gujarat) in the year - 1989.

In this plant we have developed almost all type of special belts to suite according to the need of practically all type of Industries. From the very inception, our job was never limited to trading activity & we enlarged our responsibility for developing special belts for almost all the industries & we co-ordinate our efforts for efficient &economical package.

We also provide services like Hot and Cold Vulcanizing of Conveyor belts, Pulley Lagging, Rubber Lining in tanks, Vessels& Pipes, Rubberisation of Rollers & Drums, Endlessing& Repairing of Conveyor Belts at site. We also undertake annual job Contracts of all services.

We have always believe that the customer is our Teacher - we never hesitate in accepting and learning from our mistake or acknowledging need for further improvements and this is the only factor by which company grew from strength and rose to this leading position today.

Our Products
Quality Assurance

We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization and hence quality in products & processes is an inevitable part for us. Our organization has a team of expert quality controllers deployed in various departments ensuring the implementation & compliance to defined quality measures. Apart from human-power, it is the well laid quality inspection & assessment instruments & equipment that support procedure. Our conveyor belts undergo strict quality assessment with the use of technologically advanced equipment.

The equipment installed are: Monsanto Rheometer :

For determination of Cure Rate index, Plasticity and Optimum cure Time.

  • Universal Tensile Testing Machine : For measuring the tensile strength and elongation of steel cord.
  • Drum Friction Testing Machine : For determining the fire resistance behavior of conveyor belts.
  • Abrasion Testing Machine : For determining  resistance to abrasion behavior.
  • Electrical Resistivity Testing machine : For determining Antistatic property.
  • Multicell Aging Oven : For determining aging characteristics of finished products.
  • Torsion bending test : For determining resistivity of the metal rubber bonding system towards corrosive effects.
  • Trough Ability Testing Machine : For determining the trough ability angle of the conveyor belt which is very important factor at the time of installation of belt.
  • Rubber Penetration Testing Machine : For ensuring optimum penetration of rubber mix into the cord interstices.

In addition to these, following checks are also conducted by us :

  • Adhesion between cover to ply & ply to ply
  • Maximum elongation at reference load
  • Resistance to acids &alkalies
  • Dynamic fatigue resistance
  • Cut growth resistance
  • Law temperature durability
  • Horse power requirement
  • Resistance to water
  • Resistance to fungus
  • Temperature resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • Tensile strength
  • Trough ability
Conveyor Belt Specification


Conforming To Standards


N-17 (General Purpose)

IS 1891(Part-1)1994

Abrasion ResistantGrade(N-17):Mainly used for conveying Fine Coal, Ash Cement, bauxite, asbestos, chalk, sand, lime etc.

M-24 (General Purpose)

IS 1891(Part-1)1994

Abrasion resistantGrade(M-24) : For All Mining Industries and process industries such as cement (limestone), Steel (crushed metallic ores), Stone Crushing Industries (Granite & Blue metal), Cold Clinker, etc.

HR -T1

IS 1891(Part-2)1993

Heat Resistant  Grade(HR):  For hot materials upto 125 deg. Centigrade such as Hot Pellets, Chemicals & Fertilizer plants etc.


IS 1891(Part-2)1993

Superior Heat Resistant Grade(SHR-T2): has been specially developed for conditions involving heat and temperature above a50°c and upto 180°C.     such
as Hot Cement, Hot Powder, Coke, etc.


IS 1891(Part-2)1993

Ultra Heat ResistantGrade(UHR-T3) : is suitable for extreme conditions and materials having temperature over 125°C upto 200°C such as Clinker, Sintered Ore and Phosphate etc. Both SHR as well as UHR Grades can be used for higher temperatures with necessary precautions.


IS 1891(Part-1&5)1994

Fire Resistant Grade(FR): covers are specially developed to meet flame and antistatic requirements as per US Bureau of Mines (MSHA) and Canadian Bureau of Mines (CAN / CSA M 42w2 - M87). This Grade is specially meant for coal & sulphur conveying on surface installation in fire hazard areas.


IS 1891(Part-1)1994

Superior Abrasion Resistant Grade (SAR): This Grade is superior to M24 grade in resistant and is suitable for handling materials which do not have tendency to cut and gouge but are highly abrasive like crushed coal iron ore fines bauxite etc.


IS 1891(Part-1)1994

Oil Resistant Grade (OR): has been specially developed to overcome problems associated with oil contamination when used for handling Oil, Fertilizers or Belts can also withstand material temperature upto 90°C.


IS 1891(Part-1)1994

Chemical Resistant Grade (CR): has been specially developed to overcome problems associated with chemical contamination when used for handling fertilizers like DAP, MAP, Urea, or Belts can also withstand material temperature upto 90°C.


Breakers can be provided in face &/or back cover as well as on edges The minimum cover thickness to include one breakers is 3 mm & for two breakers is 5 mm. Breakers are useful for enhancing impact resistance in aplications where belt is subjected to high impacts.

  • Belt type - the first set of figures denote the belt strength in K N / M (kilonewtons per metre width). The second part denotes the number of plies for example 630 / 4 denotes belt with 630 K N/mtr strength with a 4 ply construction.
  • Carcass weights and Thickness are valid for M -24 Grades Belts only for other Grades please to us.
  • For cover weights 1.1 kg / mm / sq. mtr for M -24 Grade 1.2 kg / mm / sq. mtr for other grades.
  • Data for specifications not indicated above can be provided on request.
  • For polyester Nylon (EP) Belts please to us for technical details as well as conversion from existing all Nylon Belts.
Marketing and Distributor Network

Periodically we conduct marketing strategy initiatives to apprise ourselves with customer feedback and the effectiveness of our distributor network. We have an all India network of dealers and distributors at all levels of the supply chain and these are actively involved in marketing and distributing our products.

Our Team

We appreciate the fact that human resources are the key assets of a company and so we promote a management system designed for total transparency, supported by sophisticated communication and information technology. Our talented team of system professionals and marketing personnel performs with total commitment to our objectives. Their effective teamwork creates a synergy which facilitates the management and clients alike.

With twenty years of experience backing us we operate with total professionalism and thrive on the advantage provided by our qualitative products and services.

Manufacturing Facility

To manufacture conveyor belts in an efficient and cost effective manner we have established a state of the art manufacturing facility. This facility has the capability to manufacture all types of special belts to suit all industrial set ups. To fabricate our conveyor belts and allied accessories we have installed sophisticated machinery at the facility which enables us to manufacture international quality products. Our equipment is manufactured using the following machinery: 

  • Punching machines
  • Forming machines
  • Fabrication equipment
Industries we cater to

Conveyor belts are extensively used in industries and manufacturing plants to handle virtually any bulk material, and for lateral movement of materials or for elevation to process intakes, bins, stockpiles, etc. with our experience and capabilities we have been able to supply our equipment to diverse industries around the world.

Some of the industries where our conveyor belts find application are: 

  • Power generating systems
  • Measuring scales in cement factory
  • Paper Industries
  • Fruit & vegetable handling
  • Fish processing
  • Glass & insulation
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Baking
  • Biscuit making
  • Tiles making
  • Sorting & baggage handling
  • Automotive industry
  • Caning treadmills
  • Packing
  • Cable, PVC pipes and extrusion industrie
Research and Development

One of the major factors that have contributed to our rapid growth has been our extensive R&D activities. Based on consumer feedback we constantly strive to improve our products and even devise better belts to improve the performance of our conveyor belts. Our R&D adheres strictly to all quality parameters as per Indian Standards and always keeps in consideration environmental concerns. Concentrating on environment friendly raw materials is one of the focus areas of our R&D facility.

The R&D department is responsible for designing, managing and testing our material handling equipments. It has created innovative products in this category which with their power saving features prove to be cost effective solutions for our various clients. To promote R&D activities our promoters interact with customers around the world and assess the quality and effectiveness of our products for incorporation into further product development.

Our Services

Other than manufacturing our extensive range of products we also provide a host of services to industries. These services enable us to provide total technical support to our clients. The services offered by us include: 

  • Hotvulcanizing and cold vulcanizing of conveyor belts & rubber lining of vessels and pipes
  • Rubbersation of rollers & drums
  • Endlessing & repairing of conveyor belts at site
  • We also undertake annual job contracts for Conveyor belt joining, Steel cord jointing, Pulley lagging, Rubber lining in tanks
  • Modifying and servicing of conveyor systems in our sister concern company m/s. jagruti rubber enterprise
Aim / Vision / Mission

The company has always been maintaining a pacesetter for the future times. Companies main concentration is totally on the development of technical support quality product for the international and indian markets. Companies aim is to achive the goal of the nation and by taking our country to one of the most subsidised and industrailised zone in the 21st century. The company is also maintaining a total quality management.

To design & develop any belts according to the customer's specification to their fullest satisfaction.

Quality Policy / Processes

The company constant consternated updating of Technology and a focus an ongoing R&D Effert, we aim to exceed the expections of our customers in term of quality.

Our professed philosophy is to foster long lasting relations with customers that extends beyond sale, installation and the gurantee period.

Team work, learing to bring constant improvement. Quick response to meet the customers satisfaction.