Conveyor belts / General Purpose Conveyor Belt

We manufacture and export ISO standard best quality General Purpose conveyor belts that are made of EP, NN or Cotton fabric and finished through the processes of calendaring firming and vulcanizing etc.

General purpose conveyer belt can be classified into two grades: 

  1. M24 Grade- Our range of M24 grade Conveyor Belt are Extra abrasion resistant, cuts And gouges resistant for the specific type and size of material to be handled. Suitable for conveying sharp, large lumps and rugged materials under adverse loading condition.
  2. N17 Grade- Our range of N17 grade Conveyor Belt are abrasion resistant but inferior to grade M24, in cut & gouge resistance.
Features :

  • Used in material handling equipment
  • Driven by a power-operated roll
  • Handle bulk material such as sand, coal, biomass fuels, wood chips, paper bales etc.
Technical Data :


Grade Min. Tensile Strength (N/mm2) Min. Elongation at Break (%) Max. Abrasion Loss (mm3) Max. Temperature (‘C) Application Areas:






All Mining Industries and process industries such as cement (limestone), Steel (crushed metallicores),Stone Crushing Industries (Granite & Blue metal), Cold Clinker, All types of Sandstones, quartz, broken glass gravel etc. and also for reclaimers and stackers.






mainly used for conveying Fine Coal, Ash Cement, bauxite, asbestos, chalk, sand, lime etc.

Services :In addition to the supply of our products we provide services like Belts installation joining & maintenance, Rubber lining, Pulley Lagging at your site. We also take annual service contract.

Jagruti rubber offer a 24 hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year emergency on site break down service. Using the latest equipment and well trained on-site personnel, Jagruti can offer an on-site service for all types of belts.

Note :

  • Actual values may differ.
  • Working Temperature & application are recommendations only. Customer may deviate depending on actual conditions.
  • Above is subject to changes with change of process, technology etc.