Magnetic Separator Belt

Filter belts are used in specialized dewatering process equipment for separating solids from liquids in a slurry.

Jagruit rubber offers a variety of drainage hole patterns are available for different filtering applications. The drainage holes usually straddle the ribs between the two grooves, allowing one hole to drain both grooves. Hole patterns can be repeated across the width of the filtration belt if needed. The most common hole patterns are shown here.

Filter belt grooves are usually one of the three basic shapes: V, Round, and U, with the V-shape being the most common. The purpose of the grooves is to transport the liquid being drained to the drainage holes. Grooves are either cut or ground into the top cover of the belt, leaving the carcass intact and protected.

Jagruti rubber offers filter belts with fabric free zones, so carcass must be protected from the liquid being filtered. These belts have the entire carcass removed from exposed areas, usually around the drainage holes and often the edges of the belt.

Applications areas :

  • Paper Pulp Processing
  • Certain Types of Mining
  • Chemical Companies
  • Coal Burning Power Plants


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