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Large Range of Conveyor Belts

Conveyor Belts
  • General Purpose Conveyor Belt

    General Purpose conveyor belts

    We manufacture and export ISO standard best quality General Purpose conveyor belts that are made of EP, NN or Cotton fabric and finished through the processes of calendaring firming and vulcanizing etc. More...

  • Light Duty Conveyor Belt

    Light Duty Conveyor Belt

    With a wide range, to suit almost all the Industries, light duty industrial conveyor belts are manufactured with various base fabrics like polyester, nylon, cotton, solid woven, fibre glass etc. More...

  • Heavy Duty Conveyor Belt

    Heavy Duty Conveyor Belt

    Our clients can avail from us an optimum quality range of heavy duty conveyor belt, that are specifically designed to withstand high wear and extensively used for conveying various hot and oily materials including coke, hot More...

  • Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt

    Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt

    We are the prime manufacturer and exporter of Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt, which is fabricated using heat resistant quality rubber.These heat resistant conveyor belts are well-suited for heat resistance More...

  • 1.1	General Purpose Conveyor Belt

    Fire Resistant Conveyor Belt

    We are a name to be reckoned with in the sphere of manufacturing and export of fire resistant conveyor belts. It meets the Indian and international standards. Specifically designed these fire resistant conveyor belts possess More...

  • Hygienic Conveyor Belt

    Hygienic Conveyor Belt

    We are a highly reputed organization engaged in manufacturing and export of hygienic conveyor belts and food conveyor belts . Fabricated from FDA approved polymers, these food conveyor belts are availableMore...

  • Cold Resistant Conveyor Belt

    Cold Resistant Conveyor Belt

    The carcass is made from Polyester fabric, Nylon fabric, Cotton fabric, or Terylene & Cotton fabric, etc. Adopting lower crystal rubber materials as cover rubber, it allows our Cold Resistant Belt to maintain excellent elasticity More...

  • Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt

    Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt

    We have emerged as a well-established manufacturer and exporter of superior quality oil resistant conveyor belts. Compounded of oil resistant synthetic rubber, these oil resistant conveyor belts More...

  • Chemical Resistant Conveyor Belt

    Chemical Resistant Conveyor Belt

    Chemical Resistant Conveyor Belt is specially designed, which makes it highly resistant from acids and high concentrations of various chemicals. We are reckoned for exporting technically advanced Chemical Resistant. More...

  • Superior Abrasion Resistant Conveyor Belt

    Abrasion Resistant Conveyor Belt

    We are a prominent manufacturer, supplier and exporter of superior abrasion resistant conveyor belting, that find application in airports, shipyards, thermal power plants and various other industries.More...

  • Pipe Conveyor Belt

    Pipe Conveyor Belt

    Pipe conveyor belt is a new type of conveying belt which uses belt carcasses (EP fabric, Steel cord etc.)as skeleton and high elastic, high anti-abrasive and high strength rubber as working surface. More...

  • Elevator Conveyor Belt

    Elevator Conveyor Belt

    We offer Elevator Conveyor Belt, which are best suited for vertical transportation of materials. You can avail Elevator Conveyor Belt in different grades to meet varied requirements of the customers. More...

Special Patterned Conveyor Belts
  • supplier of chevron belts

    Chevron Conveyor Belt

    The chevron conveyor belts are used for carrying wet, loose sand and grain materials in bugs. In addition to a range for normal bulk goods, various special types are available for conveying hot goods, for the transport More...

  • Sidewall Conveyor Belt

    Sidewall Conveyor Belt

    These technically advanced side wall conveyor belts ensure fast and safe movement of powdery and lumpy material even in bulk quantity. The belts are manufactured using high quality raw materials and thus are able to work in More...

  • Cleats TKS

    Cleated Conveyor Belt

    Cleats are designed with proper rigidity to preclude excess backward bending due to gravitational force exerted by the material loaded in the cleats. By seeing critical application, we have modified our all type of More...

  • RC Feeder Conveyor Belt

    RC Feeder Conveyor Belt

    This RC feeder conveyor belt is extensively used in coal feeder machinery in power generating systems and is used for measuring scales in cement factories. RC Feeder Belts can be supplied endless or fastener joined.More...

  • Steep Angle Conveyor Belt

    Steep Angle Conveyor Belt

    Steep Angle Conveyor Belt are modern age Bucket Elevator Box Belt. Our steep angle belts help in carrying material over steep angle inclinations up to 90 degree with zero spillage. Manufactured using superior More...

  • Embossed Belting - High Grip Type - Rough Top

    Embossed Belting

    The embossed rough high grips are widely used to increase friction force in various conveyor belts for high inclination, pattern transfer where sliding can be a problem. These provide a better grip on materials to prevent back More...

  • Endless Conveyor Belt

    Endless Conveyor Belt

    Endless conveyor belt is conveyor belt that has been made into endless without joint in the process of production. Its features is that there is no joint in belt carcass, and the belt shall not be shortened in service life due More...

  • Magnetic Separator Belt

    Magnetic Separator Belt

    Magnetic Separator Belts are used for separation of magnetic and non-magnetic parts from the base product being conveyed in coal handling, cement production, glass & tyre rubber recycling etc. More...

  • Filter Belt

    Filter belts are used in specialized dewatering process equipment for separating solids from liquids in a slurry. Jagruit rubber offers a variety of drainage hole patterns are available for different filtering applications.More...

  • Tumble & Blast Belt

    Tumble & Blast Belt

    We manufacture this belt for shot blasting machine with holes in truly endless . With/without cleats. Tumble Blast systems are usually used in the blasting of small components which are loaded into the tumbler More...

  • Checkared Belt

    Checkared Belt

    Checkared belt with "V" section pulley guide single or multiple guides of "V" section directly vulcanized on to the bottom cover of the belt, ensure a perfect straight running line and resist to transverse More...

PVC Conveyor Belt
  • Steelcord Conveyor Belt

    Light Duty PVC Belt

    With a wide range, to suit almost all the Industries, light duty industrial conveyor belts are manufactured with various base fabrics like polyester, nylon, cotton, solid woven, fibre glass etc. and top surface coating More...

  • PVC Chevron belt

    Special Patterned PVC Conveyor Belt

    A range of chevron patterns can be customized to suit your specific requirements. Can carry loose materials at angle of 17-18 and bagged material at 30-35, Cleat angle and pitch are designed for smooth travel over return More...

Conveyor System & Components
  • Carrying Roller

    Carrying Rollers

    Carrying rollers are used to support the conveyor belt and are installed on the groove shape frame, Groove shape forward inclined idler frame and transition idler frames. Rollers include high More...

  • Carrying Roller

    Troughing Carrying Idler

    Troughing idlers are used for conveying bulk materials, and are designed and manufactured with Troughing angels of  20°, 35°, 45°,  and any other angle are also manufactured as per customer's design and drawings. More...

  • Drive Pulley

    Conveyor Pulley

    Head/Drive Pulley is located at the discharge terminus of the conveyor. It provides the driving force for the conveyor. In order to increase pulley life and traction, it often has a larger diameter than other pulleys.More...

  • impact bar

    Impact Bar

    The loading zone of a conveyor is a critical area from maintenance and spillage point of view. The type and size of material as well as height of drop are the main factors causing damage not only to belt but also the rubber rings More...

  • Belt Fasteners

    Belt Fasteners

    The Jagruti Fasteners have earned a reputation for quality and performance in the most demanding material handling applications on earth. Wherever belt conveyors are used, you need a fastener system that lets you set up, splice, More...

  • Belt Vulcanizing Solutions

    Belt Vulcanizing Solutions

    JJAGRUTI brand Solutions are the largest selling brand in India. Professionals all over rely only on JAGRUTI for a perfect job. Jointing of Rubber Conveyor Belts, Rubber Flat Belts, Rubber Sheets etc., is done quicker and More...

  • Belt Vulcanizing Solutions

    Pulley Lagging Sheet

    Conveyor Belt when slips cause significant damage to the drive pulley and the belt. Such damages are not only expensive to repair, but also time consuming and cause enormous loss due to down time. More...

  • Belt Vulcanizing Solutions

    Skirting Rubber

    Skirting rubber is a general purpose rubber used mainly in the mining industry as a side skirt on conveyor belt systems to prevent the materials falling down. It is available in full width slabs up to 2000 mm More...

  • Chute Lining

    Chute Lining is designed to be an integral part of a conveyor system to protect and cushion the chute from the material being handled
    Protects chute from wear and corrosion, High wear and cut resistance, Available in various sizes and thicknesses, Special applications available: abrasion-resistant, chemical, heat, etc More...

Steelcord Conveyor Belt

steel cord conveyor beltThe Cord used in Jagruti Steelcord belt is made     of specially developed High Carbon Steel. During manufacturer of Belt, these cords are held longitudinally in a single layer under pre-determined tension to ensure proper alignment. The Cords are Zinc coated to ensure superior bonding between Cord and Rubber as well as to protect the same against corrosion.


Cable / Haul Off Belts

cable-haul-off-beltsIn Various circumstances and application need has arised to switch over to New Generation Belt in which greater emphasis is being given to design and standardize certain critical application Belts in various segments like Cable, Pvc Pipes and extrusion Industries is amongst them. More..

Rubber Sheet

rubber sheetRange of Rubber Sheet :- The prominent range of "Jagruti" Rubber sheet are pure rubber sheeting, skirt-board, Rubber insertion sheeting, Rubber lagging sheet in plain and diamond type, Electrical resistant rubber sheet, Packing sheet, Gum sheeting, Hospital sheeting, Sponge sheet, Foam sheet, Pulley lagging sheet, Food grade (white) sheet, Impression sheet, Rubberized cork sheet, Balata sheet. More...

Rubber, PVC, PU Coated Fabrics

rubber sheet Form last 2 decades Jagruti personnel have been involved in the development & manufacturing go high quality coated fabrics, Jagruti R & B cell offers you a wide range of flexible composite material with unlimited applications in industrial products & processes. More...

Molded Rubber Profiles

Used for making raised cleat conveyor belts, which are suitable for transportation of firewood, hay, glass, recycled materials, packaged goods and boxes at an inclined angle. According to its operational requirement and size, the shape and pitch of the rubber side wall can adequately be made. More..


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Services : In addition to the supply of our products we provide services like Belts installation joining & maintenance, Rubber lining, Pulley Lagging at your site. We also take annual service contract.

Jagruti rubber offer a 24 hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year emergency on site break down service. Using the latest equipment and well trained on-site personnel, Jagruti can offer an on-site service for all types of belts.

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