Conveyor Roller
Carrying Roller

Carrying Roller

Carrying rollers are used to support the conveyor belt and are installed on the groove shape frame,
Groove shape forward inclined idler frame and transition idler frames. Rollers include high quality bearing, multi-labyrinth sealing, greased and sealed for life and critical specifications essential for high performance.


  • Rollers are designed for smooth rotation, low noise, and long service life.
  • Diameter range: 75mm to 219 mm, other diameters available on your request.
  • Pipe length: 180mm to 3500 mm.
  • Water proof and dust proof.
  • Each roller come out through strict inspection and test to ensure high level quality.
  • Roller Surface Colour : Any colour as per customer request.
Impact Roller

Impact Roller

Impact rollers are used as carrying rollers instead of normal steel rollers at a loading point. On steel roller there are rubber rings assembled, side by side, to absorb the weight and impact of material falling onto the belt. At the same time impact rollers reduce the shock and vibration through the steel structure.


  • Absorbs weight and shocks.
  • High loading capacity.


  • Roller diameter:  75-219 mm
  • Shaft diameter:  20mm,25mm,30mm,35mm,40 mm
  • Roller length: 150 - 2800 mm
Return Roller

Return Roller

The straight tracking of the belt may be compromised by the type of conveyed material, especially when this material is sticky and thereby adheres easily to the belt surface.

In this case, material is also deposited on the return rollers that support the belt, adding an irregular addition of scale to the roller itself.

As a consequence, not only wear and tear of the belt occurs, but forces are brought into play to move the belt away from its correct track.

Return rollers with spaced rubber rings contribute largely to eliminating the build up of scale that forms in certain conditions on the belt surface.
The rings are pointed, assembled at intervals, in the central part of the roller, where they have the scope to break up the scale which normally is present at the belt centre; meanwhile flat rings mounted in groups at the extremities of the belt, support and protect the belt edges, also in cases of limited belt wandering.

Return rollers with rings should not be used as belt tensioning devices.

HDPE Roller

HDPE Roller

Features :

  • HDPE pipe with Reinforced Skeleton
  • Light Weight for Power Saving and Worker Safety
  • Smooth, Noiseless operation
  • Anti-Alkaline/Anti-Acidic/Anti-Static Formulation
  • Suitable for Corrosion Environment
  • Recyclable

Application Field :

  • Chemical Industry
    Fertilizer, Salt, Sugar, Pulp Paper, Acid and Alkaline, etc.
  • General Industry
    Coal Mining, Cement, Concrete, Limestone and Quarry, etc.
  • Operating Condition
UHMW-PE Roller

UHMW-PE Roller

UHMWPE is an outstanding plastic with the best self lubrication, impact absorbing properties and the highest resistance to abrasion, impact and chemicals of any thermoplastics polymer. It is regarded as an amazing material, and the new material will grow fast and be widely used.

Features :

  1. Abrasion and Chemical resistance
  2. Impact resistance and Impact energy absorbing
  3. Water proof and dust proof.
  4. Light weight and energy saving
  5. Reduced belt damage
  6. Noise reduction
  7. Long Life
  8. Could not be sticked by any material.


Services : In addition to the supply of our products we provide services like Belts installation joining & maintenance, Rubber lining, Pulley Lagging at your site. We also take annual service contract.

Jagruti rubber offer a 24 hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year emergency on site break down service. Using the latest equipment and well trained on-site personnel, Jagruti can offer an on-site service for all types of belts.

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